A scientific study published in the “Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology” tells us that a vaccine is being developed that can eliminate or reduce the problem of allergy to cats.

Statistically, at least one in 10 people suffer from an allergy to cats and is much more frequent than allergy to dogs.

Unfortunately, it is also one of the main factors that trigger asthma in children.

Continuous sneezing, itching, irritation, and redness in the eyes, these are the unpleasant consequences of allergy.

It is not uncommon for many domestic cats to be moved away from home precisely because of this problem.

In fact, our furry friends pay the consequences because they are entrusted to other families or to a cattery.

The above vaccine should be administered directly to the cat.

But let’s see how it works right away.


As we said, the substance will be injected into the cat and not its owner.

It will act directly on the allergen protein present in the cat’s saliva and in the cat’s hair.

It is designed to generate a controlled autoimmune reaction in the animal so that the allergen is counteracted or neutralized.

A definitive cure for allergy sufferers has not yet been invented but this is certainly a big step forward for all cat lovers.

An alternative to the vaccine may be to choose a hypoallergenic cat.


If you can not do without the company of a feline but you are allergic to fur, we can recommend a series of hypoallergenic cat breeds:

  • the Siamese cat ;
  • the Norwegian hypoallergenic cat.
  • the Russian blue cat ;
  • the Siberian cat ;
  • the Balinese cat ;
  • the Bengal cat ;
  • the Oriental short-haired cat ;
  • the Sphynx cat ;
  • the Javanese cat ;

As you can see there are many types of cats suitable also for asthmatics or for allergy sufferers, and they are all beautiful.

But when is the cat suffering from allergies?

Maybe you didn’t know it but it’s not just humans who have allergic reactions or breathing problems, our furry friends are also subject to these drawbacks.

In fact, the cat can be allergic to pollen, mites, dust, cereals, and even to the litter. Some bedding in fact has chemical additives and perfumes that can irritate it.

The silicon litters then raise a lot of dust, harmful to the cat’s respiratory tract.

For this reason, it is necessary to choose natural and dust-free bedding such as recycled paper pellet bedding.

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