Thanks to the automatic feeder, your cat will always have enough food. This is especially necessary if you plan to be away from home longer than usual. The automatic feeder ensures that your cat is well fed. But where to get such a miracle device? Option one is to buy. Choose the best automatic cat feeder.

Option two is to make an automatic cat feeder with your own hands from available tools. This method will help you not only save your family budget, but also show your creativity.

What is an automatic feeder

Every cat owner sooner or later faces the need to leave somewhere, and there is no one to leave the ward, then zoo gadgets come to the rescue in matters of feeding. One of them is an automatic feeder.

The mechanism of this device is quite simple: food is poured or poured into the container, a timer is set for a certain time interval, when the time comes for opening or the necessary portion of food for the cat is poured out.

When is the automatic cat feeder applicable ?

  • during the absence of the owners;
  • if cat owners are forgetful or busy people;
  • if the pet needs a special diet or feeding regimen.

Making an auto feeder for a cat from a watch

To make this zoogadget you will need:

  • old wall quartz clock;
  • environmentally friendly clay or a bowl of suitable size with compartments;
  • a sheet of plywood or thin plastic for the cover;
  • wooden plank;
  • a tin or plastic can with a wide bottom;
  • battery;
  • nippers or scissors;
  • a pair of nails;
  • soft wire;
  • file;
  • lighter;
  • rubber suction cups;
  • marker.

Make sure that the materials you use are free of toxic substances.

Step by step:

  • Remove the mechanism from the old watch; 
  • Take a tin or plastic can and draw a line with a marker at a level of 3.5-4 cm from the bottom;
  • Using nippers or scissors, cut the jar along the cut line;
  • If you chose a tin can, file the sharp edges with a file. If you have a plastic container, it is enough to process uneven edges with a lighter;
  • Cut a piece out of a piece of wood to fit the movement. The thickness of the plate should be such that the hands of the watch device protrude slightly above the jar, and the device itself with a wooden block was placed in it;
  • Use the clay to make a food container with four compartments and a recess for the clockwork in the middle. The finished bowl should fit freely, but not dangle in the jar. Allow the clay container to harden, then bake it in the oven at 200 ° C for 2-3 hours. To prevent the bowl from cracking and cracking, place the product in a cold oven. This step can be avoided by choosing a suitable sized jar and bowl for food;
  • Bend the hour hand in half, wrap it with adhesive tape and fix it on the mechanism;
  • Insert a working battery into the mechanism and secure the device in the food bowl in the inner recess using soft wire;
  • Cut a circle of thin plywood or light plastic for the lid, suitable in diameter to the can;
  • Make a hole in the center of the lid for the upper rotating element of the clockwork (this is the white screw on which the hands are attached);
  • Cut a segment on the lid that is equal in size to the food compartment in the bowl;
  • Drive two nails into the lid so that the hour hand wrapped in tape fits between them. Drive in the heads of the nails so that they do not protrude above the lid. Cut the sharp ends of the nails with nippers so that they do not touch the clockwork case;
  • Make a small plywood cover;
  • Take out the metal pin from the watch mechanism on which the seconds hand was attached. Attach it to the bottom of the small plywood cover. Insert the second hand into the pin, cut off its protruding parts and seal with tape.
  • Place the small plywood cover on the large piece;
  • Attach rubber suction cups to the bottom of the finished automatic cat feeder for a stable structure;
  • Decorate the finished feeder to your liking.

Pour ready-made food for your cat into the finished automatic feeder. This pet gadget will provide your tailed pet with fresh food for 24 hours.

Little trick : This automatic feeder can be used not only for feeding the cat with dry food. If you put some ice on the bottom of the jar, then you can leave your pet wet food or homemade food.

Automatic cat feeder made of plastic bottles

You can also make a pet gadget out of plastic bottles. To do this, you will need:

  • five-liter plastic bottles – 2 pcs;
  • scissors or utility knife;
  • glue gun;
  • lace;
  • awl.

How to make an automatic bottle feeder for cats with your own hands:

  1. Use scissors or a utility knife to cut off the bottom of one of the plastic bottles. Then trim the bottom of the can so that you have a kind of scoop. This is the future feed pallet;
  2. At the second can, cut holes at the bottom equal to the height of the pallet;
  3. Insert the pallet into the resulting hole;
  4. Secure the feeder with glue or an awl and string;
  5. Pour feed into the finished feeder.

Please note : The automatic plastic bottle cat feeder is only suitable for dry food. Such a zoogadget is convenient to use if several tailed pets live in the house.

Automatic cat feeder made of plastic container

This type of zoogadget, unlike the two previous ones, works only when the cat “asks” about it. But, all in order. To make an auto feeder you will need:

  • plastic container with a handle;
  • plastic bottle;
  • binder (stationery clip);
  • a small ball (the diameter should be slightly larger than the neck of the bottle);
  • paper clips;
  • elastic rope (tight elastic will do);
  • scissors or utility knife.

Step-by-step instruction:

  • cut the bottle so that it is as long as a plastic container;
  • cut a small circle in the bottom of the container so that the neck of the bottle fits into it;
  • make holes in the lid of the plastic container;
  • insert the plastic bottle into the container;
  • tie the ball with a string, pull it through the neck of the bottle, fix it in the holes in the lid;
  • pour food into a bottle, fix the plastic container at such a height that your cat can freely reach it with its paw;
  • install a feeder under the structure.

Note : This type of automatic feeder is only suitable for dry food. The principle of operation of this zoogadget is quite simple: the cat hits the ball with its paw, and food is poured into the bowl .

In order for your tailed pet to use such a feeder on its own, you will need to show her how it works. Such an auto-feeder is not only a great alternative to purchased pet gadgets, but also a great intelligent toy for a cat.

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