Cats are real cleaning freaks and can’t stand bad smells.

In fact, if the cat were to notice that its litter has an unpleasant smell, it could also leave its needs in other places.

For their personal hygiene, it is good to know how to clean the litter box in the best way, it will also benefit your home.

Washing the litter box is a quick and easy job that can be done with products that we already have at home.

Better to opt for simple and if possible ecological ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar, and eco-friendly soaps.

The most important thing is not to use toxic products (such as bleach) for cleaning the litter box, because they could be harmful to the cat.

And if you have more than one tenant, you will have to prepare a litter box for each one; our friends, in fact, are very jealous of their toilet.

But not only that: placing the litters side by side does not allow cats to distinguish them, therefore it is better to arrange them one away from the other so that the cat can recognize its own smell.

With this article, we want to give you advice on how to handle the litter box properly.

Your kitty will thank you.


When to change the cat litter box?

The cat litter must be replaced completely as soon as we perceive unpleasant odors, this also depends on the temperature of the environment and the quality and type of the litter.

Be careful: arranging the right amount of sand for cats is helpful for the correct maintenance of the litter itself.

The kitty tray should, in fact, be filled with at least 3 fingers of material.

A thicker layer could encourage the deposit of bad smells on the bottom and would involve a big waste of material and money since it must be replaced every few days anyway.

A too-thin layer instead would prevent the complete absorption of odors and liquids with the consequence that the cat could refuse to use the toilet until it is cleaned.


The doubts that assail us are always the same:

Which cat litter to choose?

Will my cat accept it or make a fuss?

What is the best litter in relation to the price?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer, you have to evaluate it according to your cat’s needs and tastes.

But let’s see what the pros and cons of each type can be:


The clumping litters are recognized because they make the so-called “ball”. There are various types:

  • Clay and bentonite litter: it can be made up of finer or larger grains. There are perfumed versions, but beware that some perfumes may be toxic! Moreover, the cat hates synthetic perfumes in his litter box because he is very sensitive to odors.
  • Agglomerating plant litter: inorganic materials such as corn and barley, it has good durability, however, it often happens that the cat ingests it instead of using it as a toilet.


  • Silicon litter: it is composed of silicon crystals and its granules are quite thick like coarse salt. It has good absorbing power, however, after a few days, the crystals no longer absorb as they should and the urine tends to settle on the bottom of the litter making it necessary to wash the tray completely. Not all cats also love pebbles, which tend to stick to their paws, giving them an annoyance. Another problem with silicon litter is that it can raise dust that can cause cat respiratory problems. If you have an asthmatic or allergic cat, this is perhaps not the best solution.
  • As far as the environment is concerned, mineral litters would be true to be condemned because they must be disposed of in the non-recyclable.
  • Ecological bedding: in paper, straw, or wood. It has the advantage of being a compatible toilet, in fact, it dissolves in water and does not generate dangerous dimensions or broken pipes. It can be disposed of safely in wet waste, at zero cost and is also compostable and usable as a natural fertilizer.
  • Keep in mind that only in Italy, in a year, about 220 kg of cat litter is disposed of, therefore better to choose a zero environmental impact litter.
  • This is the best choice for those who pay attention to the environment.
  • Moreover, it can completely absorb odors and has a longer life than other types.

The ecological litter par excellence is obviously ours. The recycled paper pellet litter: ecological, long-lasting, anti-odor, disposable in the toilet, dustproof, and without chemical additives.


As we said, it is important to replace and clean the litter box as soon as we smell some bad smell.

First, you need to throw the litter away and wash it thoroughly.

You can use products you have at home such as hot water, dishwashing detergent, and hydrogen peroxide to disinfect it and eliminate persistent odors.

If this is not enough, you can pour white vinegar on the bottom of the pan and leave to rest for half an hour. Finally, rinse well with hot water and dry thoroughly.

Before proceeding with the filling, you can get help from a good friend: the baking soda, with which you will sprinkle the bottom of the litter.

This natural substance will help to absorb bad odors while avoiding the proliferation of bacteria.

It will therefore not be necessary to use perfumed deodorants or specific bedding deodorants, they can be unwanted and irritating for our cat.

At the end of these operations, you can pour the new litter, possibly an adequate layer. In fact, the cat loves to dig and carefully cover its excrement.

If you follow our tips on cleaning and maintaining the litter box you will see that you will no longer have bad smells in the house and your cat will certainly be grateful to you for taking care of his toilet. Sometimes, however, despite our best efforts, the cat does not use the litter box.

Especially if he is a puppy or if he has changed the type of litter, the cat could use another area of ​​the house and it is certainly not a cure-all for our poor floors!

Once again you must be with your skillful strategies to make him understand the house rules.

Learn how to get your cat used to the litter box with our simple tips.

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