How to feed the cat in winter?

Winter has come and is felt! Precisely for this reason, it is important that the cat takes on a higher calorie intake, which allows it to withstand the most rigid temperatures and thermoregulation itself, especially if it lives outdoors.


If the cat lives in semi-freedom it is very important to provide him with energy foods that prevent him from consuming his reserves. We don’t want our furry friend to perish!

If the food provided is nutritionally complete, it will bring important micronutrients such as minerals and vitamins to the cat, useful to strengthen the feline’s immune defenses.

As we said, for the winter you have to choose a cat food with a higher quantity of calories than traditional foods, it must contain in particular fats and proteins.

Noble proteins from fish or poultry are preferred.


The overweight cat should not be kept on an empty stomach but should reduce caloric intake and fat.

If the cat is out of shape, it can also depend on sterilization and diabetes.

It is, therefore, better to immediately run for cover and submit it to a controlled diet.


Choosing a sterilized cat food is recommended if you see that the cat gains weight after the surgery.

There are specific products that allow you to reduce your calorie intake without having to decrease the amount of food. In fact, it often happens that neutered cats have more appetite despite their calorie needs being reduced by 20%.


Diabetes in cats is a serious disease that requires the necessary precautions. The food for diabetic cats should not contain carbohydrates.

Cats are carnivores and need to get enough protein and few carbohydrates! Many prepared foods, however, do not help, because they contain “filling” substances or plant derivatives that promote diabetes.

Better to think of a home diet for the diabetic cat! Exact! You will prepare the balanced dishes for your cat, but we will talk about this soon, so don’t miss the next articles! 


Choosing old cat food is not easy! The cat may indeed have dental problems.

To prevent tartar, the use of croquettes is recommended, which also has a lower caloric intake.

If you prefer to opt for wet food, it is better to choose organic preparations without too many additives or to prepare a do-it-yourself cat food that takes into account the needs of the feline.

For example: if your faithful friend has mouth or teeth problems, you will need to blend your delicacies.

But we will talk about this later …


The diet for cats with kidney problems can also act as therapy or otherwise ensure an improvement in health.

You know, the saying we are what we eat also applies to our four-legged friends!


The food for kittens should be high in fat and protein content to ensure the development of the pups. Liquid food is preferable because the kittens must be weaned or in any case, do not yet have the right teeth to nibble on dry food.


If you use wet cat food or cat nuggets, pay close attention to the labels, it is necessary to check:

  • that contains the word complete food, that is, suitable for the daily feeding of the cat;
  • the origin of the product;
  • the ingredients and calorie intake.

If you are undecided in choosing the brand, you can always seek advice from your trusted veterinarian.

Lalettiera is not only an ecological bedding company, but it also loves animals and cares about their health.

We think that small everyday choices can make a difference! Making conscious and thoughtful choices is good for the environment, for us humans and especially for our pets!

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