We know very little about the Befana if not the nursery rhyme: “the Befana comes at night”.

Let’s see what the origins of the Epiphany really are. The feast of January 6 derives from pagan holidays: the Italic populations of antiquity celebrated the epiphany with propitiatory rites for the fertility of the harvest.

The old woman represented the past year, the mother earth who would be reborn in the spring.

In the Christian tradition, however, the Epiphany is closely linked to the history of the

Three Wise Men: The three Wise Men were on their way to Bethlehem to bring the gifts to the baby Jesus, but they could not find the way.

It was then that they met an old woman who showed them the way. The old woman regretted not having followed the Three Kings and decided to go to every house to bring sweets and gifts to all the children.

Now, do you know a little more about Befana but her cat? What is its history? Nobody talks about it …

But we know it, and we want to reveal it to you!


Once the cats were only brindle, white or orange but blacks had never been seen!

This except the Epiphanies cat.

The epiphany’s cat was dark, so black that only the eyes could be seen at night.


The Epiphanies cat accompanied the Epiphany on her long trips on the broom and saw everything from above, therefore she wondered what human life was like.

When the epiphany ended, the cat hibernated until next year.

But one-day things changed: one night the cat, during its long journey to bring gifts to all the children, leaned out of the broom to better see the world of humans. In doing so he dropped a gift.

The perplexed Epiphany did not know how to do it: “this good boy must have a gift” he said.

So it was that he brought the cat down the chimney saying:

“Your life has been boring and laborious with me, now you will have a family that pampers you and takes care of you”.

Since then the black cat lived happily in his new home and started a family. Here are the origins of the black cat!

The black cat, therefore, does not bring bad luck, it is exactly the opposite! It was the cat of the Epiphany and brought gifts and happiness to all the children

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