The hygiene of the pet is important for its health, and it is its guardian who takes care of it. Bathing is a time consuming activity, and is not always pleasant for all pets. In addition, sometimes the animal may suffer from an ailment that is incompatible with bathing, such as an injury after surgery. Choose best small dog harness.

For these moments, you can use wet towels for pets. But which are the appropriate ones? How to clean the animal? Here we give you the answers.

Which towels to use?

There are an infinite number of types of wet towels on the market, but not all of them are suitable for pets. You can find wet towels for adult humans or babies, and in each case for different types of functions. For animals, there are also others.

It is not recommended to use these human towels on pets. Always remember that an animal’s skin and pH is different from that of a human being, so the right moist towel should be chosen for it.

How to use wet towels for cleaning pets

The sanitary towels keep the pet clean in a comfortable and easy way. They are specially indicated to clean, deodorize and polish the coat of the animal. Remember that wet pet wipes help in cleaning, but will never be the same as the bathroom.

Its use is very simple, and can go with the tutor everywhere. For example, they are very comfortable to use on occasions when the pet rubs himself with something smelly during the walk. One of the main missions of these towels is to eliminate odors effectively and quickly when there is no bathroom material at hand.

The application of the wet towels for the pet is very simple. Basically, they are used in the same way as they are used on humans: rubbing on the area to be cleaned, odorizing and polishing. You only have to be more delicate in sensitive areas such as the eyes, ears, mouth or between the fingers of the legs.

These commercial wet towels are sold on the market in different size formats, and different scents are also available.

Mittens are also available. These are sold impregnated in the scented cleaning solution, and may be a better choice than the towels depending on each pet’s attitude to the bathroom.

However, if you simply want to remove some dirt from your pet, and you are not looking for the attributes of smell or shine of the coat, you can use a homemade towel. In this case, simply moisten it with water, wring it out and clean the pet with it.

If this method is used to clean the animal after a surgical intervention, a towel should be chosen that does not leave hair, since it could infect the wound and cause a big problem.

Types of wet towels for pets

Since not all parts of the animal’s skin are the same and have different requirements, there are wet towels on the market for each area that is needed. The differences are found in the type of tissue to be cleaned; in the pet’s body some areas of the skin are more sensitive or thinner with more pores. Here we present you the different types:

  • General use: these are the least specific, suitable for all skin types. It is recommended to use them all over the body except in ears and eyes.
  • Ears: they dissolve accumulated wax and eliminate waste from the ears. Highly recommended for animals with frequent ear and ear problems, or for those who, due to their species or breed, have a tendency to accumulate waste in their ears.
  • Eyes: cleaning the eyes is fundamental to avoid eye infections. As in the case of the ears, there are also species and breeds that are prone to these diseases.
  • Insect repellents: generally they are made with citronella. It is a good plant to repel insects in general, and gives a deep and fresh aroma.

For any other requirement according to the type of skin of the pet, you can always go to the veterinarian, and he will provide more information about the matter. Even so, as we have seen, the bath is not the only option for hygiene on specific occasions. Wet towels can be very useful if you know how and when to use them.

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