How to Test a Wild Cat

Cat lovers, surely some of you will have happened to find a wild and undernourished cat on the street, but how to proceed to approach and adopt it?

It is not always easy! For this, we want to explain how to catch a wild cat and how to tame it.

Obviously only and always for his own good, also because the cat, you know, must maintain his part of independence, especially if he is used to living outdoors.


Not all cats are the same, there are more sociable and wilder ones because they were born and lived on the street.

It may take several days for you to succeed.

I guess you’ll want to know how to catch a wild cat without hurting it.

First you need to get a pet carrier or a sufficiently large cage!


There is a plan to follow step by step:

  • use the food trick: prepare the pet carrier in a quiet place with water and food so that the cat becomes familiar with the new location;
  • always stay nearby to get used to your presence and don’t run away as soon as it sees you;
  • wait for the right moment: when the cat enters the cage to eat, close it.
  • Cover the pet carrier with a blanket or a dark towel: in this way, he will be less afraid of the external environment.


You need to be patient! Oh yes, despite our good intentions know that it is not we who have chosen him/her but it is he/she who must choose us.

For this, we must win his trust!

The stray cats are very suspicious, staring at you curiously but always keep their distance. Let the cat take confidence slowly and remember to talk to him so that he recognizes your voice.

If you have a garden, allow it to explore it undisturbed and try to always provide it with food and comfortable beds.

Having a green corner available can be the right compromise to tame a stray cat without depriving him of the freedom he loves so much.

Once in his graces, the cat will not go away anymore and will become an integral part of the family, showing you his gratitude with the purr.


Some strays never become real house cats because with an extremely independent nature!

It is also not uncommon for them to stay indoors thanks to the good food and conveniences we can provide them.

Even if a stray is not easy to tame it can be conquered little by little, respecting its free nature.

Eh, then you never know … between one excursion and another at home, he might even decide to settle with us!


When we want to take a cat away from the street and bring it within the home, the situation becomes more problematic, in fact, the cat could be aggressive.

Remember that when he is aggressive it means he is a scared cat :

  • if the cat is hiding does not force him to go out;
  • if it blows do not try to approach it;
  • set up a comfortable refuge and give him time to calm down;
  • let me explore the house yourself and don’t rush it;
  • place the bowl in a safe and reserved place and remember to supply it with food;
  • prepare a fairly large litter with at least three fingers of sand in a reserved place.


A cat accustomed to doing needs in the outdoors will have some difficulty recognizing his toilet.

To facilitate it, you can place it in the litter box and move the sand with your hand to make it clear that this is the right place to dig. You will see that it will not be so difficult!

However, it is important to choose the right litter :

It must be free of chemical additives/perfumes and must not raise dust.

Since you will have to dispose of the cat’s sand frequently, it is better to opt for a product with zero environmental impact.

We recommend Ecological litter bin made of recycled paper pellets. Remember to always keep it clean or the cat may refuse to use it! You still don’t know how to handle the litter box? Read our advice on the dedicated article: how to clean the litter box.

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