The black cat is the most representative animal for this holiday because it is considered the companion of the witches.

The legends about the black cat begin in medieval times.

In the Middle Ages, in fact, people moved with carriages and at dusk, the horses were often frightened at the sight of the bright eyes of the black cats.

From this spread the belief that they were possessed by the devil.

Later the black cat was associated with witchcraft and black magic.


It was thought that cats were the companions of the witches or even that they were witches who had changed shape.

And that was how the hunt for black cats began.

Even today in Italy there are still some false beliefs about the black cat, especially the one that brings bad luck, but we know that this is not the case!

Many motorists usually stop to let a black cat pass or change their way because they think they are waiting for an unfortunate day …

We cat lovers instead if we stop in front of a black cat is definitely to adopt it.

Here is our foundling Negrito with vampire teeth that always makes a good impression at every Halloween party!


The word Halloween derives from the English “All Allows Eve” translated means the eve of All Saints’ Day.

The origin of the Halloween festival derives from a Celtic festival: the Sambaing or the Celtic New Year.

During the day of Sambaing, the Celts believed that the spirits of the dead could return to earth from beyond. The celebration, therefore, melted together with the fear of death at the party for the end of the old year.

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