The new year finally approaches but our furry friends are not so enthusiastic: Cats are afraid of new years barrels!

So how do you manage the fear of fires?

We want to give you some advice.


Dogs and cats are afraid of barrels because they basically don’t know what they are.

Moreover, the cat has 4 times higher hearing than ours and also hears frequencies that are not perceptible to us. It is obvious therefore that loud noises annoy him terribly.


If the cat is domestic and lives in the house then the problem is easily manageable, but we think of cats that live in semi-freedom, they could be in danger or otherwise they would be terrified by fireworks.

It is, therefore, a good rule of thumb if you have a cat in semi-freedom to keep it indoors for New Year’s Eve.

If, on the other hand, your cat is at home, we will reveal useful tricks to calm him down:


Here’s how to calm the cat frightened by the barrels:

  • The first tip is to behave normally as if nothing had happened to not further alarm our darling.
  • Close doors and windows to muffle the noise of the barrels.
  • Keep the radio or TV on, this way it will hear less external noise.
  • Keep the cat out of the house, he might run away in fright and get into trouble.
  • Leave it free to find a refuge, you can also arrange a comfortable shelter for the occasion, even a cardboard box, easy to find during the holidays.
  • Don’t hold him in his arms and don’t try to flush him out of his refuge, you’d make things worse!
  • Avoid leaving him alone: ​​the temptation to go out to party is plausible on New Year’s Eve, but we must also think of our faithful friend.

With our advice, you will be able to manage a cat frightened by barrels to perfection and you can enjoy the parties without too many worries.

Miciosi Happy New Year from the staff of Lalettiera !! (= ①ω① =)

Lalettiera is not only a natural bedding company, but it is also a passionate team of animals that cares about the environment and the health of our little friends.

We hope in our small way to help improve the planet and guide people towards ecological and conscious choices.

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