It is time for holidays and big dilemmas.

Who to leave the cat? How long can the cat be alone in the house?

In this article, we want to give you useful tips to take the cat on vacation or leave it at home without worries.


One of the characteristics of our feline is that it loves its territory and reluctantly accepts changes.

The cat, in fact, creates important references through the markings (rubbing or scratching) and hardly tolerates new guests.


If we are lucky enough to have a holiday home that our friend already knows we shouldn’t have any problems!

This second location will also be considered his property.

If we have chosen to sublet the holiday apartment, better not to let new animals in. The cat urinates at home to mark the territory and communicate it to the unwelcome tenants.

When there are no other cats, it could be a manifestation of stress.

In any case, to remedy the problem you can read our advice: what to do if the cat marks the territory.

To put him at ease, bring with him familiar objects: kennel, blanket, toys, and litter box. Never change the feeding or the sand, they are factors that could further endanger the animal.

An important element to evaluate is certainly the duration of the holiday: if it does not exceed two days, it is useless to subject it to major changes!

When the stay lasts a week, it is advisable to consider whether to go on vacation with the kitty.


Traveling by car can be a truly stressful moment for the cat.

If you use a rigid pet carrier, make sure that the cat takes confidence and explores it before the trip, he will feel in a safe haven and you will avoid frightening him.

Is the journey very long? Plan stops.

However, when opening the pet carrier, be careful that the traveler does not run away. It is not uncommon for him to escape frightened and disoriented.


Do you have to travel abroad?

Taking the cat on the plane is possible provided that certain precautions are taken.

First, you must have a pet carrier of the size allowed (depending on the airline).

Sometimes it is also possible to carry the cat as extra hand luggage, provided it is placed in a soft pet carrier.

Remember that animals must be declared at the time of booking and the relative tax must be paid or you may have many headaches.

Keep in mind that traveling by plane for your furry friend isn’t fun at all.

The change in pressure, the new smells, and the noises could frighten him making him breathe quickly and meow.

It is possible to use tranquilizers for cats, however, many companies do not recommend them because they could have undesirable effects at high altitudes.

Alternatively, you can count on homeopathic Back flowers or on special pheromone sprays that help the animal to calm down.


Leaving the cat at home alone is always a difficult choice: one always wonders if the cat alone at home suffers.

In reality, the cat is able to self-regulate and be alone for a few days. (Up to 3 days) Provided that the neighbors or relatives come by to give them a look: at least to replace water, food, and sand.

In fact, if the litter is dirty, the cat could choose another place for his needs, such as blaming him.

To remedy the constant replacement of the sand, you can choose a long-lasting and anti-odor litter.

it can be the solution if you want to manage the litter easily even on vacation!


The hotel is no longer just for humans! They also accept our furry friends.

In fact, in recent years more and more hotels and b & b have become pet friendly.

This means that you can choose the accommodation in which your cat is welcome!

Just get informed on the internet and you’re done! (As long as I’m used to getting around.)

In any case, the best thing for our feline would be to keep him in his habitat without subjecting him to stressful changes of location.

In the absence of neighbors and friends willing to supervise your darling, there are always cat sitters.

If you are forced to leave him in a refuge for the duration of the holidays, do not forget the vaccinations and the flea or you may have some nasty surprises on your return.

For us humans holidays are a cure-all, let’s not make them unwelcome to our best friend

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