Some cat behaviors are truly unique!

In this article, we want to explain the habits of the domestic cat, especially the most hilarious.

Who lives in the company of a furry friend hardly gets bored, among escapes, climbing, and ambushes, the entertainment never fails!

For them, our home is a real habitat full of hiding places, curiosities, and imaginary prey.


The cat has innate qualities as a climber and equilibrium.

The capacity that takes full advantage of climbing trees, wardrobes, walls, and even nets.

This is because he is a ruler and must look at everything that surrounds him from above to identify possible prey (real or fictitious).

Unfortunately, he sees our home as a jungle.

It is not even that strange to find cats climbing on mirrors or mosquito nets.

On the other hand, everything that is ours also becomes theirs, we cannot do anything about it.


As we said, cats are predators and in nature, they feed on any available prey.

They love to eat several times a day preferring small portions.

For this, they are used to ambushes towards everything that moves and not.

That’s why cats attack their owners’ feet and legs!

You may have happened to buy games to dampen feline instincts, but he does not, he prefers more worn objects like your slippers!

You can try to remedy this by postponing the cat’s meals throughout the day; in this way, you will avoid being nervous and hyperactive from hunger.


Our tenant is essentially a curious one who loves to venture into places that are difficult to reach to hide and not be disturbed.

It is no coincidence that we often find it in shopping bags or inside wardrobes and drawers.

Otherwise, if the adopted cat is hiding it is because he is afraid and is not yet accustomed to the new home.

Avoid forcing him out, try to provide him with a blanket or a bed to gain his trust.


This is without a doubt one of the worst habits of our pets! There is nothing to do, however much the cat is scolded he will continue to scar the Persian sofas, curtains, and rugs.

In fact, smoothing the claws is a consolidated routine; having sharp nails was in fact a matter of survival.

At other times it does it to relieve stress and relax its legs.

If you want to limit the damage, we advise you to bring a sofa cover resistant to the urchin.


Cats love these shelters because they feel safe.

Falling asleep in sheltered and inaccessible places is a way to protect yourself in the moments when you are most defenseless.

But what if the cat sleeps in the litter box?

Similarly, for cardboard boxes, the cat can see the litter box as a comfortable bed, especially if it is closed.

Choosing an open litter box can be the solution, also because it is easier to clean.


Among the various vagaries of the kitty, we also have this!

There are many factors that lead the cat to urinate in the house instead of in the toilet.

Cats are very picky and hygienic and therefore the litter box must always be kept in good condition.

It is very important to replace the sand and prevent it from generating bad smells or our cat will find other locations for her needs.

If you need advice on how to manage the litter box, read now: how to clean and sanitize the litter box.

The sand then must be of quality!

Avoid scented bedding or with chemical additives, they can be harmful to your friend.

To be on the safe side you can choose a 100% organic and anti-odor litter box-like.


It is normal if the cat purrs occasionally, especially when it is pampered or at ease.

Some specimens purr when they are hungry to attract attention and our benevolence.

We already knew that they are a bit pimp!

But what does it mean when the cat always purrs?

Prolonged purring can mean that the cat is not well.

The problem can be very serious so you should seek advice from your trusted veterinarian.

It is important to analyze the cat’s behavior and understand how it communicates with us.

It will be easier to establish a relationship of trust and affection with our faithful friend.

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