Why the Cat Miagola

When the meowing cat tries to tell you something! But are you sure you always understand why the cat meows and what does it mean to you?

In this article, we want to explain the cat’s behavior, in particular, because it meows loudly or in the middle of the night!

The meow is never the same for every cat and this certainly depends on the species to which it belongs but as it happens for us humans, cats also have a character and develop their own personality which they express through the meow.


If you have noticed that your cat’s meowing is intense and very acute, there may be several reasons.

One of them can be to attract your attention! If this happens when you return home it is because most likely he is happy to see you again or better, yet he is hungry!


Sometimes our cats are just like children and wake us up in the middle of the night because they are hungry!

Young cats sometimes meow at night because they have learned that their meowing has always followed our actions: putting food in his bowls, cuddling him, or changing his litter box.

Even older cats meow at night because as they get older they can lose their references. Lowering hearing and sight generate anxieties and worries about our animals in low light environments. If the cat meows all night, it is precisely because it needs attention!

Elderly cats use this behavior to avoid displacements and requests for attention are certainly more effective at night because the noises are less frequent and their clearer mews.

In these cases, do not hesitate and go to your pet to pamper it and show your affection.

All of this will reassure him and will probably stop meowing.


If the cat always meows it could be stress or illness.

Another reason for a loud meow from your cat may be related to the mating period. The male specimens, when competing with each other, use a strong and intense meow, to drive away from the opponents and attract the attention of the females.

Even females when they are in heat, they usually meow continuously to attract the attention of the male.

Then there are breeds more predisposed to chat with their humans, among these, the Siamese is certainly the race that loves to meow more!


When we go home our cat meows and rubs but it’s not only because he loves us! In reality, it is also marking us as one of its properties and it is telling us: you are the only mine!

By rubbing, he releases pheromones on us that calm him down. Feeling your smell on us reassures him! Oh, yes the cat is jealous and does not want rivals !!


If the cat meows when it goes to the litter it means it’s time to replace it!

The cat is in fact fixed with hygiene and does not accept to do his needs on a dirty toilet.

If the cat meows while it is peeing it could be cystitis, in this case, it is better to consult the veterinarian.

If the cat no longer uses the litter and meows it is telling us that something is wrong.

If he was used to a type of litter box but you have opted for a new brand you will have to be patient because the cat needs time to accept the change! Need some advice? Click here: here’s how to get the cat used to the new litter!

If, on the other hand, you do not want to know about the litter, you must check that it does not contain perfumes or chemical additives that are irritating to the cat.

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